Sunday, December 11, 2011

2d. Queensland blue varieties

There are two spectacular varieties of this stamp

  • Penge instead of Pence. For examples see here
  • Queensband instead of Queensland. For examples see here:

Another variety is QU joined (Stamp no 68, Row 7 no 8)

QU joined, courtesy of Dave Elsmore. Wmk type 6

QU joined, seen in a private collection

QU joined from the proof sheet

QU joined, ex Griffith

QU joined, from my collection

Another prominent but transient variety is where the T in Two is largely obscured

T in Two largely obliterated. Ex Manning


  1. D of Queensland is also joined to the outer oval line and thus appears like a small 'b'

    1. Yes, it is Queensband and there is a link to the examples at the top of the page as well as the Penge instead of Pence :-)