Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4d. Queensland flaws

This issue is not known for its flaws or listed varieties. However Ken Scudder has noted the following:
  • White flaw below "PENCE"
  • White spot between "SL" of "QUEENSLAND"; a break in the centre of the horizontal outline of the upper right spandrel, and another break to the right and up through the top frame
  • With only the white spot between "SL" of "QUEENSLAND"
  • White flaw on the 2nd "N" of "QUEENSLAND"
  • A solid centre to the "A" of "QUEENSLAND"
I have also found a few other flaws including the "QU" joined

QU of Queensland joined. There is also a white spot after the 2nd "E" of Pence just above and to the right of the lowest hook on the right hand curl. As well, there is also a big white blob on the middle curl on the right side in line with the bottom of the Queen's bun 

A white blob to the right of the "S" in Queensland

The middle line of the first "E" in Pence is thicker

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