Friday, April 20, 2012

Contemporary account of the Queensland 1st Sideface issue

The British journal, the Philatelic Record in1879 on p. 51 described the Queensland first sideface issue as follows:

“At last we are in possession of one of the long-heralded new stamps for this colony. And yet we are not happy! Alas! what a falling off is here! The old Queensland stamps are, in our- opinion, amongst the most beautiful in our collection, whilst the stamp before us is certainly one of the ugliest. The head of Her Majesty, on a lined background, is enclosed in an oval of solid colour, upon which are the words, in curves, “QUEENSLAND" above and "Two PENCE " beneath, in white block letters. A mean, corkscrewy ornament on each side of the oval fills up the interstices between the lettering. The spandrels are formed of close net-work, and two fine outer lines, the inner one white and the outer one blue, form a frame to the whole.”

Later the journal received the receipt of the 1d without comment, and then, when they got a copy of the 4d., this observation: “The 4d. value of the new type is now in circulation. This stamp looks, if possible, even worse than the two already chronicled, perhaps on account of its colour."

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