Friday, November 30, 2012

Queensland First Sideface Plate Proofs - 1 shilling

Here are some examples of the 1st sideface one shilling plate proof. For general information on the 1st sideface plate proofs see here.

The 1 shilling is very rare as it was the last stamp in the series, issued about April 1880. The proofs for the other stamps in the series were produced in 1879, before this stamp was needed and that is why they are so rare for this issue. 

According to Ken Scudder, there were two groups of proofs, and I have only seen singles, no pairs or blocks:

  • Mauve imperforate colour proofs watermarked Crown over Q type 2 paper approved around April 1880 
  • Deep reddish violet Imperforate colour proofs watermarked Crown over Q type 2 paper from around April 1881
Alan Griffith also notes a perforated deep mauve colour proof defaced with blue crayon on Crown over Q type 2  watermarked paper dated about March 1881.

Imperforate singles in several shades are also known and these are probably proofs as well.

1 shilling imperforate mauve plate proof on watermarked ungummed Crown Q type 2 paper. Seen on Stampboards

1 shilling imperforate mauve plate proof on watermarked Crown Q type 2 paper. Ex Alan Griffith

1 shilling imperforate violet plate proof with faint vertical pencil line on gummed watermarked paper. Seen at Phoenix Auctions

1 shilling imperforate violet and mauve plate proofs. Seen on Stampboards

1/- pale lilac, margins just clear to large, unused; 1/- pale lilac, huge margins at top & base but cut-into elsewhere, fiscal cancel; all apparently imperforate. Ex Manning

1/- deep violet with parts of 3 adjoining units but touched at the right, unused. Ex Manning

1 shilling imperforate plate proof. Seen in Corinphila auctions 2018 

1 shilling mauve proof. Courtesy of Dave Elsmore, Queensland stamp collecting Facebook group. Indistinct date 

One shilling mauve imperforate on two sides, perforated on the upper and bottom side. Possibly a proof? Seen on Stampboards

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