Friday, November 30, 2012

Queensland First Sideface Plate Proofs

Please note I am currently updating the individual plate proof pages to reflect the information provided by Ken Scudder and Alan Griffith. Once done, I will update this page to reflect that information

In August 1878 the plate of the one penny postage stamp was finished. The original proof sheet was printed in a reddish-brown shade on thick card paper and bore little resemblance to the existing Queensland stamps.

A similar proof sheet, printed in blue, was submitted at the same time, as a sample of colour for the twopence.

Proofs were also made of the 4d, 6d and 1 shilling stamps. The 4d proof was printed in an orange-yellow colour and the 6d was of a chrome-green, a shade that was never exactly reproduced in the stamps printed for use.

Robson Lowe in 1962 provided the following information:

On the Crown Q (first type) paper.

On the Crown Q (Second type) paper.

Originally I had all the issues in the one post here but as I have found more material it has become too unwieldy so I have split them up.

Examples of the individual values are located here:

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