Monday, August 17, 2015

6d. Queensland Sideface

The first printing of the new 6d. took place shortly after the receipt of the new 2nd Type "Crown over Q" watermarked paper, and was issued at the end of December 1879.

Many of these stamps were used for fiscal purposes. The printings were as follows:

From December 1879. It is estimated that 200,880 were issued for postal use. There would appear to have been at least two printings as the shades fall into two quite distinct groups; a Yellow-Green, which is fairly pale, and a Pale
Yellow-Green which is even paler. Some of the latter have been seen dated late 1883 and 1884.

From March 1881. It is estimated that 342,600 were issued for postal use. There were probably three printings with three fairly distinct shades of Green, and an additional slightly
Bluish Green. The latter is much less common than the other shades.

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1 shilling Queensland Sideface

This was the final value of the series to be issued, around May 1880. It was used  extensively for fiscal purposes, and is thus more commonly seen with fiscal cancellations than with postal ones.

The initial printing was Deep Mauve and Mauve in around May 1880. There were probably two printings, with an estimated 62,670 issued for postal use.

In May 1881 it was issued in a Deep Reddish Violet, reducing to a Pale Reddish Lilac later and it is estimated that between this date and the end of the issue in February 1883, 138,740 were issued for postal use, and that there were probably at least four printings. Iappears that the colours of the various printings became progressively paler, from Violet to Lilac. One of the printings in the Reddish Lilac has a somewhat spotty appearance. The last printing was probably the Pale Reddish Lilac.

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