Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1 shilling Queensland multiples

Multiples are scarce. Here are some examples

A stunning fiscal block of 36, dated 10 July 1883, positions no 42-50, 52-60, 62-70, 72-80. Seen in a private collection

A fiscal block of 6 from my collection

Another block of 4 fiscally used and dated 3 January 1882

A block of 4 with a manuscript / fiscal cancellation

1/- pale lilac SG 145 rejoined block of 4 (two vertical pairs). Ex Manning

Fiscally used strip of 5 dated 27 May 1881. The 5th stamp has the thick "G". From the collection of Dave Elsmore

Fiscally used strip of 5 dated 10 May 1883. From the collection of Dave Elsmore

A fiscal block of 4 from my collection

A fiscal strip of 4 from my collection 

Another fiscal strip of 4 from my collection 

A mint strip of 3 from my collection 

A used block of 4 seen in a private collection

A fiscal block of 4 courtesy of Dave Elsmore. The stamp says The Queensland National Bank Limited - Townsville

A stunning reconstructed sheet of the 1 shilling issue, with the top half above and the bottom half underneath it. It is not known what happened to this sheet as this image was taken sometime before 1935 in preparation for a volume of the Queensland sidefaces that was never completed. In the London Philatelist, June 1910, p. 149, it is mentioned where Mr L. L. R Hausberg (1872 - 1917) showed his Queensland collection, including "Two reconstructed sheets of the 1s, 1879 issue, one being made up of overlapping pairs and blocks and the other almost entirely of unused specimens." So this one must be his first reconstructed sheet

Another stunning reconstruction seen at Spink auction no 16030, lot no 1156. Spink Auction: 16030 - 1/- lilac to violet shades, reconstructed pane of sixty (10 x 6), mostly unused, including three pairs and an irregular block of five; mixed condition but many are fine. S.G. 144-145

A fiscal block of 4 dated 21 April 1882, with an attempt made to remove the cancellation on the left hand side stamps. Seen in the Queensland stamp collecting Facebook Group

1 s. pale lilac, wmk. Crown and Q (Type 6), an unused block of four of good colour, some hinge reinforcement otherwise fresh and fine, with part original gum. Seen at Corinphila auction November 2017

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