Monday, March 12, 2012

1d. Queensland Die 2 types

Here are the 4 recurring types for Die 2

Type 1: In the lower left spandrel the outer vertical white line merges with the white line outlining the oval

Type 2: The top of the right reversed S-shaped ornament is damaged
Type 3: At the left bottom corner the junction of the lines of colour is missing
Type 4: Absence of the above indications and malformation of the spandrel point below “E” of penny.

Revenuer provides additional information at

Die 2 was derived from a new mould pressed from the Master Die and shows clear frame lines to all four spandrels and no re-cutting to the NE spandrel upper frame line.

Type I: SW spandrel - the vertical white line merges with the curved line at the top NW spandrel - the vertical lines are close and frequently merge

Type II: SW spandrel - the curved line extends at the bottom to meet the horizontal line. SE spandrel -the curved line extends at the bottom to meet the horizontal line. The right hand ornament has damage to outside of upper right curl

Type III: SW spandrel - the horizontal white line extends to the vertical frame line

Type IV: SE spandrel - the horizontal line extends to meet the oval below ‘ E ‘ of PENNY

Type II of both Die I and Die II show a distortion/bulge at the bottom of the white outer frame line of the NE spandrel just above where it meets the oval. This appears to have been corrected at some stage, probably at the same time as the adjacent ornament was also repaired.

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