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6d 1st Sideface on covers

Here are 1st sideface covers with 6d stamps. For other covers with other values and for information on postal rates and sea routes, see here

1882 (23 Aug.) envelope from Brisbane "via Melbourne & Suez" to England, bearing 1d. (2), 2d. (2) and 6d. (2) cancelled with sunburst "ql" and c.d.s., Oundle arrival c.d.s. (9.10) on reverse; a couple of small imperfections though an attractive double rate franking. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1882 (25 Oct.) envelope from Normanton "via Torres Straits" to London, bearing 4d. orange-yellow and 6d. green most unusually cancelled by "registered/normanton." in red and by London Registered oval d.s. (27.12), despatch c.d.s. at foot; an early example of the new registration handstamp being used as a cancellation, and the only example recorded struck in red. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

A selection of 6 first sideface covers auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

An undated OHMS part-front to London with Crown/Q 1/- purple Perf 12 & First Sideface 6d green. Seen at Phoenix Auctions no 19 lot no 725

Dated 24 March 1882. Brisbane to Sheffield, England. Seen on Stampboards

Dated May 1882. Brisbane to Sheffield, England. Seen on Stampboards

Brisbane 17 April 1880 to San Francisco. Seen on Ebay

1 July 1881 cover to Italy bearing 1st Sideface 1d and 6d tied by indistinct rays '120' of Cambooya with datestamp alongside, backstamps of Brindisi and San Remo, minor blemishes, an example of the single ½oz rate. Seen at Millennium auctions no 45 lot no 393

Dated Sandgate 1880 to England tied with a 6d green. Ex Weytenburg

Cavendish Auction 662 Lot: 2229 QUEENSLAND. UNDERPAID PACIFIC-ROUTE COVER TO G.B. WITH SCARCE BOXED "INSUFFICIENTLY/PRE-PAID" MARK; 21 July 1882 env. to London "Via San Francisco" franked by Queensland 1882 6d green tied by unclear numeral matching the fair "R[?]OPERS PLAINS" c.d.s. on the front, which was overstruck by a mostly very fine (Brisbane?) boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY/PRE-PAID" mark; endorsed "Left..." with Oct. 1882 London c.d.s.'s and London diamond-framed "IS/1" Inspector's mark on the reverse. No charge appears to have been invoked, so presumably the letter was sent by the slower (cheaper) route. Rare thus. Ex Major Tapp

6d. Thursday Island Sideface issue, Ray type 1 c (5.5 mm) with a red numeral and date cancel to England. Dated 26 April 1881. Seen on the cover of James W. Turnbull, The postal history and postal markings of Thursday Island

From Ipswich to England via Brindisi, dated July 16 1881, barred numeral 87 on a 6d green

Mount Cotton to Brisbane August 2 1882, 8d of stamps, for a 4 ounce envelope

From Bogantungan, Numeral 248, dated 19 December 1881 to Liverpool, England via Melbourne and the Suez Canal, 10d postage comprising 2 x 2d and 1 x 6d deep green stamp

Paid all from Brisbane to New York. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group 

Dalby to England too late cover, 9d mixed franking, dated 7 October 1882

6d Sideface strip of 3 (1/6d for 1-1½oz), cancelled with illegible numeral, to England, unframed 'NOR[TH P]INE/1881/JA13/QUEENSLAND' (B2) on face. Seen at Premier Postal auction no 83 lot no 1881

6d from Bogantungan, barred numeral 248, dated December 1882, to Liverpool, England via Brindisi. Seen in Smithies

6d from Brisbane dated 24 November 1882 to Mr Friederich Abbott, 18 Hamilton Gardens, St Johns Wood, London via Torres Straits

6d from Brisbane dated 23 December 1880 to Mr F Lawrence, Bridewell Police Station, New Bridge Street, London, England via San Francisco. Seen on Ebay

7 April 1882 6d cover from Cloncurry to England with ray no 149. Seen on Ebay

1881 mixed frank cover from Brisbane to Germany. Seen at Prestige Philately auction no 214 lot no 508

1d and 6d dated Toowoomba 16 April 188- to Ireland. Seen on Ebay

Brisbane to England dated 24 December 1880. Seen in a private collection

6d green cover from Hughenden dated 21 January 1882 to Dorsetshire, England. Seen in Tasmanian Stamp auctions 

From Brisbane dated 6 March 1882 to New York, USA, via San Francisco and franked 5 x 2d and 6d, representing the 1/4d double rates. Has a 25mm circular 'PAID/ALL' handstamp and New York Paid All arrival ds on reverse. Seen at Millennium auction no 62

Brisbane cover dated 13 May 1882 to Germany "Via Brindisi" with Chalon 3d + Sidefaces 1d, 2d & 6d - overpaying the 9d rate - all tied by BN '258' with very fine 'FORTITUDE VALLEY/+QUEENSLAND+' cd below, very fine 'BRISBANE/ J /=QUEENSLAND=' & Brindisi b/s and superb 'WIESBADEN' arrival b/s. Seen at Mossgreen Auction no 157 lot no 482

Brisbane to Scotland dated 8 December 1880 with 1 x 6d 1st Sideface

18 Aug. 1880 double-weight cover to York franked 2d (3) & 6d Bell ex Dalby carried on the Normanby from Brisbane to Singapore. Seen at Cavendish auction Dec 2017 Lot 2364

3 March 1882 from Brisbane to Glasgow, mixed franking a 6d green 1st Sideface and 3d Chalon head. The rate for half an ounce from Queensland to the United Kingdom via Italy was 9d between February 1881 and early 1884. Seen on Ebay

1 x 2d and 1 x 6d from Queensland to London dated 1881 and paying the 8d letter rate via Brindisi. Seen in Phoenix auction no 64

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