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4d 1st Sideface on covers

Here are 1st sideface covers with 4d stamps. For other covers with other values and for information on postal rates and sea routes, see here

1882 (23 Aug.) envelope from Clermont to London, bearing 4d. orange-yellow pair unusually cancelled with circular datestamps, possibly as a numeral obliterator was not available, and showing "registered/clermont" handstamp at left partially over-cancelled by Plymouth Registered oval d.s. (2.11), the reverse (flap missing) with Rockhampton (6.8) and London (3.11) c.d.s.; a most attractive cover sent via the Long Sea Route and unusually routed through Plymouth. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here 

1882 (25 Oct.) envelope from Normanton "via Torres Straits" to London, bearing 4d. orange-yellow and 6d. green most unusually cancelled by "registered/normanton." in red and by London Registered oval d.s. (27.12), despatch c.d.s. at foot; an early example of the new registration handstamp being used as a cancellation, and the only example recorded struck in red. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1883 (18 Aug.) envelope from Charters Towers "via Torres Straits & Brindisi" to London, bearing 4d. yellow (2) and 1882-91 2d. blue and 6d. green cancelled "165" with "registered/charters towers" handstamp alongside, despatch and London Registered (1.10) datestamps at foot, the reverse with Townsville (18.8) and London Registered (1.10) datestamps; a most attractive double rate franking combining 1st and 2nd sideface issues. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

Registered Mail1883 (21 Sept.) envelope from Rishton to a gunmaker in Lynsday, Canada, bearing 2d. blue (3) and 4d. yellow (2) cancelled by sunburst "119" (rated RRR by Manning) with c.d.s. below and "registered/rishton" handstamp alongside, the reverse with Charters Towers, Townsville, Liverpool, New York and Buffalo datestamps. A franking illustrating the double registration fee applied to mail to Canada via London, and the cover proving the tie of "119" to Rishton. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

Letter to England. Dated Tiaro, 5 January 1880

26 January 1880 mourning envelope from Stanthorpe to England, bearing 4d. orange-yellow pair cancelled by ''163'' numeral

From Surat to Ireland with a 4d yellow 1st sideface and 2 x 6d green 2nd sideface stamps. Appears to be dated 1882 and cancelled with numeral 110

2 x 4d. Date stamped Aramac 11 February 1880. Seen at Prestige Philately auction no 161 lot no 364

Dated 13 February 1882. Bogantungan to Liverpool, England. Seen on Stampboards

Dated 5 August 1880. A very unusual combined franking. Seen on Stampboards

 9d to England. Ex Weytenburg

THURSDAY ISLAND: 1880 cover to France with First Sideface 4d pair (creased before being affixed) tied by poor strikes of the rare Rays '51' in red, largely fine strike of 'THURSDAY ISLAND/JY19/80/+ QUEENSLAND +' cds also in red, Brisbane & London transit b/s, poor French 'ANGL' cds in red on the face, 'PARIS A BREST' TPO transit & 'MORLAIX' arrival b/s. Seen at Prestige Philately auction no 132 lot no 234

1884 (Apr.1) ARAMAC to England cover endorsed 'via Brindisi' bearing 2d+4d tied by BO "198" paying the rate introduced in Jan.1884. This is a late usage for the 4d as the second sideface 4d was already in circulation by this date

1882 (Mar.3) use of 4d Yellow horizontal pair on double rate cover from Brisbane to G.B., endorsed "Via Orient Steamer" and with London arrival cds of April 22nd. [Brisbane to Sydney via coastal steamer; from Sydney by "Potosi" via Plymouth]

1883 from Brisbane to Ireland via Torres Strait

To England bearing a 4d 1st sideface and a 2d 2nd sideface

1882 (Aug.9) long OHMS cover addressed to Chinchilla franked 4d QV Sideface cancelled with black crayon lines alongside Brisbane duplex. Struck at upper left with straigh line 'MISSENT' together with CHARLEVILLE datestamp of 13 Aug, the earliest recorded example of this instructional marking

Cover from Roma to the Commissioner for Railways dated 15 March 1883. Tied with a 4d yellow. Seen in a private collection

Rockhampton to Brisbane dated 26 April 1881. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group

Paid all to New York from Brisbane dated November 1881. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group

Seen in a private collection

 Seen in a private collection

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