Friday, October 14, 2011

6d Queensland sideface colours

The 1879 6d. green comes in deep green and yellow green shades. The prices in Gibbons are similar. 5 pounds for the deep green used (SG 142) and 4.5 pounds for the yellow green used (SG 143). They are Perf 12 line. Watermark Crown and Q W. 6  Basset Hull in Vindins Philatelic Monthly, Jan 20 1894, pp. 83 -85 states that the old Chalon 6d. was issued up till 6 December 1879; that specimen copies of the 6d 1st sideface are marked 1879 and so it is very unlikely that any copies were issued before 1880. The first 6d. issue was pale yellow green. New supplies of ink were received in November 1880 and proofs were submitted as follows: 6d, deep green, issued March 1881. The stamps are Perf 12 line. Watermark Crown and Q W. 6 and the centering was not always very good.

Deep green

Yellow green

An example of poor centering on a yellow green shade

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