Saturday, May 5, 2012

Queensland 1st sideface - Mint or fiscally used?

Most of these stamps were used for stamp duty purposes. In other words they were fiscally, not postally used. Care needs to be taken when looking at an "unused" example as many of these have in fact been fiscally used and then an attempt has been made to remove the fiscal cancellation. Here is an example. The clue is that the Queen's head appears to have been rubbed with an eraser. It does not look right. Closer examination shows a crude attempt to remove the fiscal cancellation! Once you know this has been done, it is then possible to see the faint blue outline of the fiscal cancellation on the enlarged stamp. At actual size it is very difficult to detect with the naked eye unless you are alert and looking for it.

At a size approaching actual size it is much harder to spot. This is still much larger than actual size (depends on the size of your laptop, tablet, smart phone or monitor) but the smallest I can do on this website.

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