Saturday, January 9, 2016

1d stamp duty 1st Sideface on covers

Here are 1st sideface covers with 1d stamp duty stamps. They were valid for postal use from 1880 until 1 July 1892. For other covers with other values and for information on postal rates and sea routes, see here

A beautiful front with a horizontal strip of six,postmarked Normanton 27 August 1880, addressed to Mr Robert Campbell care of Mrs Boyd. Seen at Grosvenor Auctions no 55 lot no 45, 19 May 2010.Philatelic usage as another example from Normanton dated 18 June 1880 exists (below)

Horizontal strip of six, postally used on cover, dated 18 June 1880 from Normanton to England, backstamped at Townsville and Leeds. Ex Maxwell Hayes and Francis Kiddle. Auctioned at Millennium Philatelic Auctions no 46 lot no 284

Posted at Woolloongabba, Brisbane on 23 April 1892 to Fred Hagen in Sydney. Barred numeral cancellation no 472. Fred Hagen at the time was president of the Sydney Philatelic Club. Given this and the late date, this is a philatelic cover. Ex Butler

Posted at Ipswich on 25 April 1892 to a Mr Parry in Sydney. Given the late date, this is a genuine postally used philatelic cover. From the collection of Dr Andrew Mortlock and ex Griffiths and Geoffrey Adams

Posted in Townsville on 5 April 1880 to Sydney. 2 x 1d duty stamps. Seen in a private collection

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