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1d 1st Sideface on covers

Here are 1st sideface covers with 1d stamps. For other covers with other values and for information on postal rates and sea routes, see here

1879 (4 Aug.) "OHMS" envelope from Brisbane addressed locally to The Chief Commissioner at the Railway Department, bearing 1d. reddish brown lightly cancelled "gpo" in oval of bars (Campbell Type 7, scarce and the Earliest Recorded Date [ERD]) and with despatch c.d.s. (Type 7(b), ERD) alongside; pinholes at left though a scarce local drop letter rate cover and the earliest recorded date of use of the 1d. value. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here.

1879 (8 Dec.) blue envelope (250x105mm., folded) from Bowen to England, bearing 1d. dull orange (7, one with "qoeensland" variety — corner fault) all lightly cancelled "63" and with Bowen c.d.s. below, arrival c.d.s. on reverse; a scarce franking of the short-lived 7d. rate to the U.K. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here.

1882 (23 Aug.) envelope from Brisbane "via Melbourne & Suez" to England, bearing 1d. (2), 2d. (2) and 6d. (2) cancelled with sunburst "ql" and c.d.s., Oundle arrival c.d.s. (9.10) on reverse; a couple of small imperfections though an attractive double rate franking. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

A selection of 6 first sideface covers auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here.

A better scan of the letter to England. Dated Tiaro, 5 January 1880

1882 cover from Cunnamulla to London (b/s) "via Melbourne & Galle" with First Sideface 1d & Second Sideface 2d block of 4, unusual '1/-'h/s & 'Deficient Postage 6D/Fine 6D - 1s'h/s

Dated 13 February 1882. Bogantungan to Liverpool, England. Seen on Stampboards

Dated 21 September 1881. Cambooya to Dublin. Seen on Stampboards

Dated May 1882. Brisbane to Sheffield, England. Seen on Stampboards

1 July 1881 cover to Italy bearing 1st Sideface 1d and 6d tied by indistinct rays '120' of Cambooya with datestamp alongside, backstamps of Brindisi and San Remo, minor blemishes, an example of the single ½oz rate. Seen at Millennium auctions no 45 lot no 393

9d to England. Ex Weytenburg

1881 (Apr.2) cover from CAMBOOYA to IRELAND, endorsed "Per Orient Steamer"; bearing 2d blues (4) + 1d vermilion all tied by Rays "120", boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY/PRE-PAID" at left; backstamped "TPO SWR-1-DOWN-QL", "BRISBANE" & "H&K Pact-A". [Rate: 9d per ½ ounce via Italy; overweight, but apparently not taxed.].

20 January 1882 cover from Toowoomba, numeral 214 to Brisbane, 2 x 1d

Cover addressed from Brisbane in July (21st?) 1879 to Post Office Hill Head. Glasgow Scotland with 2 X 1d Orange, 2 X 2d Blue and 1 X 1/- Mauve. Reverse has embossed seal of Parliament of Queensland Library. Very early usage of the 1st sideface. Seen on Ebay in October 2013 and discussed on Stampboards

1d A4 circular folded in 3 and posted at the packet rate dated Brisbane 20 July 1882 to Herberton. Courtesy Dave Elsmore

1d and 6d dated Toowoomba 16 April 188- to Ireland. Seen on Ebay

Brisbane cover dated 13 May 1882 to Germany "Via Brindisi" with Chalon 3d + Sidefaces 1d, 2d & 6d - overpaying the 9d rate - all tied by BN '258' with very fine 'FORTITUDE VALLEY/+QUEENSLAND+' cd below, very fine 'BRISBANE/ J /=QUEENSLAND=' & Brindisi b/s and superb 'WIESBADEN' arrival b/s. Seen at Mossgreen Auction no 157 lot no 482

2 x 1d on a cover from Tingalpa (but still using the Capalaba datestamp, which was the previous name of the town) to St George, dated March 1882. Seen in Manning, p. 46

4 x 1d and 1 x 2d (2nd Sideface) from Mackay to London dated 27 April 1883 and paying the 6d latter rate via Torres Straits and Brindisi. Seen in Phoenix auction no 643

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