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2d 1st Sideface on covers

Here are 1st sideface covers with 2d stamps. For other covers with other values and for information on postal rates and sea routes, see here

1879 (19 May) envelope "Via Brisbane" to Oxford and redirected to Chelmsford, bearing 2d. blue in combination with Chalon 6d. yellow-green cancelled with light "ql" in sunburst and additionally by Oxford c.d.s. (14.7), despatch c.d.s. alongside; the earliest recorded date of use of this value, the first to be issued. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1880 (12 Jan.) envelope from Cambooya "Via Melbourne & Brindisi" to Dublin, bearing 2d. blue in combination with Chalon 6d. yellow-green lightly cancelled "120" and with despatch c.d.s. alongside, London datestamps, T.P.O. (12.1), Brisbane (13.1). Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1882 (23 Aug.) envelope from Brisbane "via Melbourne & Suez" to England, bearing 1d. (2), 2d. (2) and 6d. (2) cancelled with sunburst "ql" and c.d.s., Oundle arrival c.d.s. (9.10) on reverse; a couple of small imperfections though an attractive double rate franking. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1880 (3 Aug.) blue envelope (22x96mm, neatly folded for display purposes) from Isisford to Sydney, bearing 2d. blue pair and a single twice neatly cancelled by barred numeral "114" with c.d.s. below, "registered/isisford." handstamp at lower left, the reverse with Rockhampton (9.8) and Sydney (16.8) c.d.s. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1883 (18 Aug.) envelope from Charters Towers "via Torres Straits & Brindisi" to London, bearing 4d. yellow (2) and 1882-91 2d. blue and 6d. green cancelled "165" with "registered/charters towers" handstamp alongside, despatch and London Registered (1.10) datestamps at foot, the reverse with Townsville (18.8) and London Registered (1.10) datestamps; a most attractive double rate franking combining 1st and 2nd sideface issues. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

Registered Mail1883 (21 Sept.) envelope from Rishton to a gunmaker in Lynsday, Canada, bearing 2d. blue (3) and 4d. yellow (2) cancelled by sunburst "119" (rated RRR by Manning) with c.d.s. below and "registered/rishton" handstamp alongside, the reverse with Charters Towers, Townsville, Liverpool, New York and Buffalo datestamps. A franking illustrating the double registration fee applied to mail to Canada via London, and the cover proving the tie of "119" to Rishton. Auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

A selection of 6 first sideface covers auctioned by Spink in October 2012 here

1882 cover from Cunnamulla to London (b/s) "via Melbourne & Galle" with First Sideface 1d & Second Sideface 2d block of 4, unusual '1/-'h/s & 'Deficient Postage 6D/Fine 6D - 1s'h/s

2d, Date stamped Winton 5 June 1881. Seen at Prestige Philately auction no 180 lot no 148

2d intercolnial rate from Clermont date stamped November 1880 to Sydney. Seen on Ebay

6 x 2d dated 7 October 1881 from Cambooya to Dublin, Ireland. Seen on Ebay

1 x 2d Die 1 dated 1 May 1882, unknown post office addressed to J A Macartney in Muttaburra. Arrived there on 7 May 1882 and redirected to Winton arriving on 10 May 1882

Dated 21 September 1881. Cambooya to Dublin. Seen on Stampboards

Dated May 1882. Brisbane to Sheffield, England. Seen on Stampboards

Dated 5 August 1880. A very unusual combined franking. Seen on Stampboards

Mixed issue with a 2d 1st sideface and a 6d chalon to England, dated Aramac 19 January 1880. Seen at Phoenix auctions no 39 lot no 554

Toowoomba to Ireland dated 6 March 1883, 9d. Ex Weytenburg

Cavendish Auctions no 660 Lot: 1052 UNDERPAID 6d-RATE COVERS TO G.B. Mar. 1882 "Via Torres Straits & Brindisi" franked with 2d Blues (3), but underpaid and with v. fine boxed "DEFICIENT POSTAGE.../FINE....." mark completed for 6d+6d=1/- charges; ex Trevor Davis

1880 cover to NSW with First Sideface 2d tied by BN 59 of Townsville, readdressed to LATROBE/TASMANIA (b/s) with a NSW 1d pair added for redirection fee & tied by Sydney duplex

First Sideface 2d strip of 3 on 1881 cover with Rays '26' & 'NERANG CREEK' cds
2 x 2d sidefaces date stamped Rockhampton 30 March 1880 to Brisbane

26 November 1880 cover, 2d. canc. 148, BUNDABERG cds. to Brisbane, missent to Gin Gin as addressed to Commissioner of Railways, Tender for Gin Gin, transit mark of Maryborough, stamp at left canc. oval LOOSE SHIP LETTER

A very rare usage of a Chalon and a 2d. first sideface on a cover dated 9 February 1880 and sent to England via Melbourne and Brindisi

This cover was sent on February 24 1880 from Aramac to London, via Brindisi. Postage was paid by a pair of 6d Chalons and a 2d sideface, for a total of 1/2d being the double rate for a letter weighing not more than 1 oz. This 7d per ounce rate was in existence for only one week, from February 20 1880 until February 28 1880, when it was further reduced. Another very rare example of a Chalon and a 2d. first sideface on the same cover. Probably caused by the 6d. first sideface not having been issued or not being readily available by that date

Mount Cotton to Brisbane August 2 1882, 8d of stamps, for a 4 ounce envelope

1884 (Apr.1) ARAMAC to England cover endorsed 'via Brindisi' bearing 2d+4d tied by BO "198" paying the rate introduced in Jan.1884. This is a late usage for the 4d as the second sideface 4d was already in circulation by this date

1884 (Aug.8) cover from Rockhampton to Scotland bearing 2d QV and struck with boxed "DEFICIENT POSTAGE___/FINE" , mss.deficiency of "2" and fine "4" endorsed in black mss. Backstamped Auchtwarder. Again a late usage for this issue

1882 cover franked with 3 x 2d first sidefaces, uncancelled on posting (posted as a loose letter?) but cancelled on arrival with PLYMOUTH cds's of 15 Sept. GB 1d lilac added to meet the redirection fee to St. Johns Wood

1881 (Apr.2) cover from CAMBOOYA to IRELAND, endorsed "Per Orient Steamer"; bearing 2d blues (4) + 1d vermilion all tied by Rays "120", boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY/PRE-PAID" at left; backstamped "TPO SWR-1-DOWN-QL", "BRISBANE" & "H&K Pact-A". [Rate: 9d per ½ ounce via Italy; overweight, but apparently not taxed.]

1880 (Sept.8) FORTITUDE VALLEY to CANADA cover franked 8d (2d x 4) cancelled by faint BN '258' and endorsed 'via Frisco' with Brisbane, Windsor and St Catharines backstamps 

1882 cover to England franked 6d (3x2d) from BOGANTUNGAN carried via Brindisi by British India Associated Steamships

1881 cover to England franked 6d (3x2d) from MACKAY (Rays '33') carried via Naples

24 April 1882 from Brisbane to England

1881 from Maryborough to England

To England bearing a 4d 1st sideface and a 2d 2nd sideface

21 January 1881, numeral 214 Toowoomba 2d. cover to Brisbane

Barred numeral 96, Maryborough, 1 October 1880 2d. OHMS cover to Brisbane.Addressed to the Commissioner of Railways in Brisbane and containing material in relation to a tender for the station gates and fencing at the Maryborough Railway Station

1881 (Jan.4) cover from Aramac to London franked 3 x 2d blue cancelled BN '198' endorsed 'via Torres Strait and Brindisi' and struck with boxed 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE=6/FINE-----= 6/1/-' in black (exceeding ½oz) together with larger 1/- h/stamp & mss. '2'. Backstamped Rockhampton, Brisbane and London 

16 March 1882 from Maryborough to Brisbane 2 x 2d

Sent from Queensland via Melbourne to Milo Cudmore Esq, 112 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland and the block of 5 blue ‘TWO PENCE’ stamps are cancelled with Rays ‘120' with a confirming unframed CAMBOOYA/ MY 2/ 1881/ QUEENSLAND alongside. More information here

From Bogantungan, Numeral 248, dated 19 December 1881 to Liverpool, England via Melbourne and the Suez Canal, 10d postage comprising 2 x 2d and 1 x 6d deep green stamp

Cover addressed from Brisbane in July (21st?) 1879 to Post Office Hill Head. Glasgow Scotland with 2 X 1d Orange, 2 X 2d Blue and 1 X 1/- Mauve. Reverse has embossed seal of Parliament of Queensland Library. Very early usage of the 1st sideface. Seen on Ebay in October 2013 and discussed on Stampboards

Rockhampton to Brisbane dated 26 April 1881. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group

Paid all from Brisbane to New York. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group

3 x 2d from Surat (Numeral ray type no 110) to London dated 3 February 1881. Seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook group and courtesy Dave Elsmore

2 x 2d from Aramac dated 1881 to England via Torres Straits and Brindesi. Seen in Smithies

2d with another stamp missing from Birralee, ray numeral number 66, dated August 1882 to the Nebo district. Seen in Smithies

2d strip of 3 dated 13 September 1882 to England, indistinct numeral and datestamp. Seen on Ebay

8 Sep. 1879 to London franked 4d Chalon + 2d Bell tied by indistinct barred n numeral with Maytown c.d.s. alongside, rear with Cooktown and London c.d.s., carried on the Somerset to Singapore from Cooktown i.e. via Torres Straits. Seen at Cavendish auctions in 2016

Brisbane to Ipswich with the 2d inland rate and dated 8 January 1881

From Brisbane dated 6 March 1882 to New York, USA, via San Francisco and franked 5 x 2d and 6d, representing the 1/4d double rates. Has a 25mm circular 'PAID/ALL' handstamp and New York Paid All arrival ds on reverse. Seen at Millennium auction no 62 

From Brisbane dated 6 March 1882 to New York, USA, via San Francisco and franked 4 x 2d, representing the 8d, single rate. Has a 25mm circular 'PAID/ALL' handstamp and New York Paid All arrival ds on reverse. Seen at Millennium auction no 62 

Brisbane cover dated 13 May 1882 to Germany "Via Brindisi" with Chalon 3d + Sidefaces 1d, 2d & 6d - overpaying the 9d rate - all tied by BN '258' with very fine 'FORTITUDE VALLEY/+QUEENSLAND+' cd below, very fine 'BRISBANE/ J /=QUEENSLAND=' & Brindisi b/s and superb 'WIESBADEN' arrival b/s. Seen at Mossgreen Auction no 157 lot no 482

Brisbane to Germany dated 8 September 1879 with a 6d Chalon and 2 x 2s 1st sidefaces. Seen in The Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook Group

18 Aug. 1880 double-weight cover to York franked 2d (3) & 6d Bell ex Dalby carried on the Normanby from Brisbane to Singapore. Seen at Cavendish auction Dec 2017 Lot 2364

Brisbane to Hull, England dated 9 April 1883, 1 x 1d and 4 x 2d to make up the 9d rate to the United Kingdom. From the collection of Dr Andrew Mortlock

Winton to Broadsound dated 3 March 1882. 2d within the colony rate

Toowoomba to Broadsound dated 3 March 1882. 2d within the colony rate. Dated 8 November 1882. Seen in Smithies

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