Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Queensland 1d. stamp duty - postally used

From 1 January 1880 to 1 July 1892 all Queensland revenue stamps were able to be used postally. However from 1 January 1880 the 1d duty stamp was superceded by the 1d 1st sideface postage stamp, which was also valid for duty and revenue purposes. From 1 January 1880 no more 1d duty stamps were printed. 

Therefore very few of these stamps were postally used. Some that were were probably for philatelic purposes rather than genuine postal usage. Some of the so called postal cancels are forgeries, usually identified by being "socked on the nose", i.e., too perfectly centered

Here are some examples postally used as well as those that have forged cancels. For covers, see here:

Barred numeral 391, allocated to Beta (1885 - 1887) and then Rockhampton. So probably philatelic in origin. Seen on the Internet

Numeral ray cancellation no 100, assigned to Cunnamulla post office in 1868. Seen at Status Stamps auctions

Numeral Barred cancellation no 308 assigned to Withersfield in 1880. From my collection

Numeral ray cancellation type 1 e, numeral no 87, assigned to Ipswich post office. Has a manuscript cancel probably applied at a receiving office. From my collection

Indistinct barred numeral. From my collection

Indistinct ray numeral. From my collection

Postally used examples from Dave Elsmore, including ray type numeral no 214, Toowoomba

Photocopy of nine postally used examples from Ken Scudder's collection. Includes barred numerals 59 (Townsville), 308 (Tunnel (1879-80) or Withersfield (1880-81, 1887 +)) and 391 (similar to the one shown elsewhere in this post and reinforcing its probable philatelic origin), as well as a Brisbane cancellation

Cancelled at Bowen. Seen on Ebay

 An unidentified barred numeral. From the collection of Dr Andrew Mortlock. Ex Griffiths

Postally used at Toowoombal. From the collection of Dr Andrew Mortlock. Ex Griffiths

Pair on piece showing Brisbane GPO cancel. From the collection of Dr Andrew Mortlock


Forged Brisbane general post office (GPO) obliterator cancellation on a forged bisect. From the collection of Dave Elsmore

Forged Brisbane general post office (GPO) obliterator cancellation. From my collection

Forged Bundaberg duplex cancellation no 148. From my collection

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