Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Queensland 1d. stamp duty

Details of the 1d. Stamp Duty are as follows:

Issued in 1878. Colour was deep violet. It was issued on  white wove paper, watermarked with Crown over Q 5; white gum; perf. 12 and then on white wove paper, with lilac burelé band lithographed on back on white gum, perf. 12 in October 1879. There were issued in Crown over Q 5 watermark, although some with watermark Q6 are known. Robson Lowe states that the few used copies from 1879 known on the Crown 6 watermark are probably proofs. Copies handstamped "Specimen" are known. I have copies that are deep violet, violet and dull violet. Dave Ellsmore states that the printings were in violet, purple and mauve.

This information comes from the Queensland Revenue Stamps website

1878 Watermark Crown/Q [8½mm] Perf 12 Mint x 2
1878 Watermark Crown/Q [6½mm] Perf 12 Mint x 10

1879 Burelé Band on reverse Perf 12 Mint x 4

Violet, Mint

Deep Violet, Mint

Fiscally used
1d Violet pair, Imperforate (vertically) between, original browned gum. Unlisted. Seen at Millennium stamp auction no 46 lot no 283. Ex Francis Kiddle

A lovely marginal example seen on the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook page

Fiscally used examples including showing the burele band. Courtesy of Dave Elsmore

Dave Elsmore has more information and some beautiful examples of these stamps at his website.

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