Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Queensland 1st Sideface 1d. bisect

Here is an example of a 1st sideface 1d. and 1d. bisect paying triple the ½d. newspaper rate on piece, tied by an indistinct barred numeral. A truly extraordinary item, courtesy of Dave Elsmore. What makes this bisect on piece so unique is that this rate was only valid for less than two months in January and February 1880. 
This short-lived rate was for  ‘Newspapers for the United Kingdom, via Brindisi, the postage is - for every newspaper not exceeding 4—ozs., 1½d. and for every additional 4-ozs., 1½d.’
Accordingly ½d. overprints on the 1d. issue were hastily prepared, but they were not yet available when the regular ship set sail on 28 January 1880. A contemporary describes the situation:
"on asking how, in the absence of a half-penny Stamp, it was possible to pay the exact postage, we were told by the assistant postmaster to cut a penny Stamp in halves. This course the writer adopted, and affixing a penny Stamp and a-half (cut diagonally) to a couple of newspapers under 4 ounces, they were passed by the authorities.” The full article is reproduced here
This stamp is in the L'Estrange Collection in the Brisbane museum. It has been there since the 1950s

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