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The De La Rue Crown Q (2nd Type) Paper

This extract on the  De La Rue Crown Q (2nd Type) Paper is taken from The Postage Stamps of Queensland by A.F. Basset Hull, 1930, pp. 15-16.

This paper was supplied by Messrs. De La Rue & Co., the first consignment being received in Brisbane about the middle of October, 1879. It is a medium white wove paper with a watermark Crown above a double-lined Q (2nd type) especially designed to fit each impression on the electrotype plate. The 120 watermarks (10 x 12) are enclosed in a single-lined frame 8¼ inches (20.95 cm) wide and 11¾ inches (29.85 cm) high. There are no marginal inscriptions, but crosses, 5/16 in. (0.8 cm) x 5/16 in. (0.8), are situated in the centre of the top and bottom margins, and in a position in the side margins in which the horizontal limbs of the crosses are in line with the lower edges of the fifth row of watermarks.

In this type the watermark is 19 to 19½ mm. high, measured from the top of the crown to the lower curve of the Q; the central compartment of the crown has the sides nearly parallel, and both outlines of the tail cross the body of the Q. In Nos. 64 and 65 in the sheet, and a few others in lesser degree, the central compartment of the crown somewhat resembles the first type, but in no case is it actually pointed. The height of the watermark is always a sure guide in deciding which paper is in question.

The dandy roll for this paper gave an additional watermark at the top of the sheet as follows:-
About 1¾ inches (4.5 cm) above the upper outline frame there is a single line about 7⅜ inches (19 cm) long, with an ornamental arrow head at each end and a lozenge, 5/16 in. (0.8 cm) x 5/16 in. (0.8), in the centre above the cross already described. Above the line are the words “QUEENSLAND STAMP DUTY" in double-lined capitals ⅜-inch (0.95 cm) high, the inscription being 7⅜ inches (19 cm) long, the same length as the line. There is no evidence of a paper with the inscription "QUEENSLAND POSTAGE" or anything similar.

It would appear that all the sheets were manufactured thus, and when utilised for postage stamps the top part was cut along this line, as traces of the lower part of the lozenge show above the cross in the upper margin, and sometimes the line itself is visible owing to the cut not being made in the correct position.

Traces of this additional watermark have been seen on the De La Rue Crown Q (2nd type) paper, and the complete watermark has been seen on a sheet of paper manufactured by Messrs. Alexander Cowan & Son, who received the dandy roll from Messrs. De La Rue & Co. on a change of contract about May, 1896.

The De La Rue Crown Q (2nd type) paper was specially designed to give the best results with electrotype printing, and seems to have had a certain proportion of zinc white or white lead, probably the former, in its composition, giving it a dead white, and sometimes a chalky appearance. It is smoother and of firmer texture than the first Crown Q paper, but the paper received in October, 1879, was of somewhat looser texture than in later supplies. The paper sometimes shows a mesh, but usually little or no mesh is visible.

The sheets, which measure about 9¾ inches (24.8 cm) wide by 13 inches (33 cm) high, are numbered in black, reading downwards in the side margin at the right lower corner, the numerals being 6¾ mm. high. 

Upper five rows of watermarks.

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