Saturday, September 12, 2015

4d. Queensland Sideface

The first printing of the new 4d took occurred on 6 June 1879. There are two watermarks. Both are perf 12. 

1st watermark (SG 131)

Watermark Crown and Q W. 5 issued on 6 June 1879 and the colour was orange yellow. It is estimated that 220,800 stamps were printed before this first type paper ran out. These stamps lasted through to August 1881. They were probably the result of two printings, as there are two shades of orange-yellow
  • the first, the shade of the February 1878 plate proofs but with a heavier, less clear impression
  • the second in a lighter shade, with more yellow and a clearer print

2nd watermark (SG 141)

Watermark Crown and Q W. 6 issued 12 August 1881 and the colour was Orange- Yellow [shades]. It is estimated that 289,920 were printed in two, or possibly three printings. There are basically three groups of shades in these printings:
  • Orange-Yellow, August 1881. Similar to the November 1880 colour proofs and lighter than the same colour of the previous 1879 group
  • Dull Orange-Yellow, early to late 1882
  • Pale Orange-Yellow, about June 1882. This is quite a weak shade
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